Securedforme is an Online
Personal Asset Register (OPAR)

It helps individual document in details all their asset, liabilities and
beneficiaries in the course of their active lives.

Founded in August 2019, it helps individuals to document all kinds of assets, properties and investments and have it secured from anyone who should not have knowledge of it.

Users can document and organize their assets properties and liabilities, and have them completely secured from everybody, they can create detailed notes and instructions regarding all their various assets. Users can use the platform to securely declare their assets and send them to the appropriate authorities. Users can use the platform to create and execute their wills in a very functional way.

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Onyeka, Founder

The Assignment

We were tasked with creating a solution (Mobile app, Web app – IOS & Android and Admin app) that would serve as an Online Personal Asset Register (OPAR). The solution was expected to be built with a global perspective in view (Time zone, currency conversions).

What’s so special about it?

The problem the solution attempt to solve had been an issue in Nigeria. Many rather wealthy families lacks accurate details of all the assets and propoer instructions so in the event of the death of the bread winner, these assets are lost to the custodians of the assets. This is evident in the over N1 tr of unclaimed funds in Nigeria banks today.

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