With Peerless, you can
do much more, with less.

PeerlessLMS simply allows you to deliver content easily, engage learners
effectively, assess achievement transparently, manage and protect your
corporate intellectual collateral, and encourage collaboration

A remote learning product for Lagos Leadership School. Founded in 2017, Peerless is a Learning Management System (LMS) that simplifies the training of an organization’s employee. The LMS was developed to solve the logistics and financial problems associated with employee development. PeerlessLMS is an intuitive, powerful and yet very easy to use learning management system that helps participants learn, interact, practise, receive feedback and perform much better in their jobs.

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Olasukanmi Adenuga

The Assignment

We were asked to build a field force management solution to help the company effectively manage its 8000+ outsourced associate staff. Having a clear vision of the product, we architectured and recommended the most…

What’s so special about it?

The application equips an organisation to effectively & efficiently manage and warehouse critical knowledge assets. It was also built to promote;

  • Collaborative Learning: Interaction and collaboration among learners and subject matter experts (facilitators).
  • High Interactivity: Provides practice questions that help reinforce learning
  • Robust Analytics: To track learners’ progress, assess competencies and generate customized reports.