A remote work
management software

We help business managers succeed by putting them in
control of their remote staff and productivity.

Part of the Outsourcing and Co. Group. Founded in 2018, OUTWORK is a mobile platform for managing large distributed workforce. With Outwork, companies can create, assign, execute and get real-time reports on thousands of task everyday, generating real-time intelligence.

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Adesola Adenuga

The Assignment

We were asked to build a field force management solution to help the company effectively manage its 8000+ outsourced associate staff. Having a clear vision of the product, we architectured and recommended the most…

What’s so special about it?

The application guarantees easy, accurate, and cost-effective remote work tracking & management through the following enhanced features;

  • Automatic recording, reporting, documentation & aggregation of remote work even when offline
  • Geotagging features to track real-time performance
  • Robust analytics and CRM platform to support key business decisions.