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Best 9 Tech Newsletters You Must Subscribe To In 2020

Best 9 Tech Newsletters You Must Subscribe To

Tech is dynamic, and the tech sector is rapidly outpacing the rate of innovation and development in other industries. Staying up to date with the trends could prove difficult and time-consuming as a result of the tremendous amount of content that is being churned out hourly.

If you like reading, documenting and learning every day, you probably have noticed that it is more and more challenging to do so with the exponential increase in the content you are exposed to. This is why it is essential to subscribe to curated tech newsletters that serve to keep you updated with all these trends without doing so much research.

Curated newsletters are emails that contain a selection of educational, exciting and noteworthy content. Many of the best tech newsletters will help you separate the wheat from the chaff while also saving you some precious hours (immediately cutting down your research and scan time).

For business leaders, these newsletters would keep you up to date with tech trends happening in and around your business sector. It will also help your business innovate quicker than your competitors and help you take advantage of arising opportunities in the tech space.

For technology leaders and enthusiasts, these newsletters would help you stay abreast with changes in the tech space, understand which line and field of technology to focus on, where career opportunities lie, and how you should upskill to take advantage of these opportunities.

With that in mind, we have compiled the following list of the best nine tech newsletters globally. The subjects covered in these newsletters range from A.I. to Venture Capital to even social media trends. Without further ado, here are the top tech newsletters you should be subscribed to this year 2020.

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Top Tech Newsletter You Should Subscribe To This Year

Hacker Newsletter

Hacker Newsletter is a weekly newsletter that comprises some of the best articles on startups, programming, technology etc. Since its official launch in 2007, it has become a source for all news that intersects with technology, curated from the Hacker News website.

The newsletter will make available to you links to tech insights and updates that might interest you from all over the web, so you can sort out which stories you want to read further. The links are put in various categories, from startup to code, design, working, long reads, fun, videos, learning resources, and more.

An exciting feature of this newsletter is how easy it is to customize. You can choose the number of stories they’ll include in each newsletter and the frequency with which they land in your inbox. It has earned subscribers from Microsoft, LinkedIn and other top tech companies and has been featured by top American magazines and journals.

Tedium Newsletter

Tedium is a bi-weekly newsletter of curated and technology. It doesn’t provide a roundup of links from around the web, but instead finds a complicated story and dives deeply into it. The stories are centred on the internet and digital culture.

This newsletter is also well known for its conversational nature. You will feel as if someone you know is talking directly to you, sharing some practical advice with you.

The author tells you about his latest tech-related experiences, acquisitions, and why you should invest in this or that. You will also get insights about hardware, so if you’re a hardware fan, you will love this gem.

Top Tech Newsletter You Should Subscribe To This Year

Zone Tech Park

Zone Tech Park is a monthly newsletter that provides tech enthusiasts and business leaders with links to carefully researched and curated articles, trends, and employment opportunities in the tech space. Recordings to past webinars and tech events and notifications about future events and webinars are also made available.

The content of this newsletter is aimed at helping tech talents, and enthusiasts improve themselves both as professionals and as individuals. You can feel from the writer’s writing tone that all he intends to do is to help you improve your knowledge of the tech space genuinely.

If you intend to learn more about tech trends that would be beneficial to you as a professional and help give you that career boost that you so desperately need, this is a newsletter you must be subscribed to.

Click here to subscribe to Zone Tech Park Newsletter.

Fully Charged

Fully Charged is a weekly newsletter by Bloomberg that discusses a specific emerging tech trend. It is known for delivering content in a story-like manner by linking a series of articles and resources together.

The story comes in an easy to understand, distraction-free email layout, which provides a lot of information and somehow manages to keep the content short and not crowded at all.

This storytelling approach is excellent because it makes you read further without skipping parts, worrying that you might be missing the point. In the end, you’ll also get some individual links with short global tech news and updates.

Benedict’s Newsletter

Benedict’s newsletter curates the freshest stories and resources from the realms of mobile, innovation, productivity, cars, machine learning, A.R. & V.R., in addition to a lot of other topics that you will discover yourself after subscribing.

For one thing, it has a great focus on technological developments, but it remains broad in terms of subjects. It focuses on the big picture, strategic aspects of tech, often linking to charts and data, and it is widely regarded as one of the most cited tech newsletters in the tech circle.

Click here to subscribe to Benedict’s Newsletter.

C.B. Insights

C.B. Insights is a daily newsletter which provides a fantastic analysis of what’s going on in the tech circle for heavy tech newsreaders.

From this newsletter, you will get niche-specific data on startups, trends, future industries, venture capital – all explained and presented with beautiful charts, graphs, and illustrations, tweets, screenshots, infographics and all sorts of visual representation of the information.

Exponential View

Exponential View is a weekly newsletter that covers what’s new in the world of exponential technologies, artificial intelligence (A.I.), biotech, self-driving cars, dominant platforms, etc.

As a result, you will find a ton of information here in the future and how it is being shaped. It follows a standard curated format, with lists of links pulled from universities as well as news outlets, and presents a summary to make everything a little bit easier.

The newsletter also brings in some highly reputable guest editors, giving it a uniqueness that others newsletters don’t have, therefore, giving you some in-depth tech reading to keep you going for a week.

Click here to subscribe to Exponential View Newsletter.

The Download By MIT Review

The Download from MIT’s technology review is a daily newsletter that is curated by the innovative MIT Technology Review team to provide up-to-date information on emerging technology.

As a result, you will get different stories to those appearing on their website with links from academia and news outlets.

If you would like to be at the bleeding edge of technology, then this is the best newsletter you can find. It promises to give you the “what’s up” in emerging technology.

Stratechery Newsletter

Stratechery is a daily newsletter that has some of the most concise, well-written, best tech analysis you can get today. It is known for its acute observation of technology, ranging from A.I. to social media.

The uniqueness of this newsletter is that the commentary tries to break down the strategy of what great tech organizations like Microsoft do.

The weekly newsletter is free and very informative, but you have to pay for the Daily Update — which costs $10 (£8) a month, or $100 a year (£80) and is sent three times a day — which is a good option if you want to stay in the loop while filtering out the noise. You also get access to the members-only forum for your money too.

Click here to subscribe to Stratechery Newsletter.

In Conclusion

There is arguably no industry that it is more important to stay on top of news and trends than the tech industry.

Whether you’re new to the tech field or have decades of professional experience, newsletters are an excellent way to get updated with trends as they happen and position yourself for opportunities in the tech space. You cannot afford to be left behind.

So, to get started, review the options provided by the newsletter platforms as listed above and pick as many as possible that suits you.

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It’s a high-octane community where new ideas are conceived continuously, turned into game-changing products and viable commercial enterprises.

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