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An HR Guide to Attracting and Recruiting Top Tech Talents

An HR Guide to Attracting and Recruiting Top Tech Talents

If you are reading this article, there is a chance that you have experienced some difficulty in finding, attracting and recruiting top tech talents. You undergo the tedious process of digging through several platforms to seek IT specialists with no significant result. 

Even after finding a few, you send them several emails, but they don’t reply. This could be frustrating; we understand your pain. We were once in your shoes. 

What should you change in your recruitment strategy to help you attract top tech talents? 

What we have realized over the years recruiting tech professionals is that there are proven methods to attract and recruit top tech talents, and improve the tech recruitment process without stress. Some of these proven methods are detailed in this HR guide to attracting and recruiting top tech talents.

Methods Used in Recruiting Top Tech Talents 

Know What you Want

Start your recruitment process with a deep understanding of what you want in your desired candidates and draft out a detailed job description. 

After that, you can go ahead and craft out an engaging message to send out to tech professionals, most of which you would have identified during your research.

Be precise. Tech talents have a short attention span and hate to waste their time on irrelevant information. 

If you want them to read your message till the end, include only the required information that is relevant for them to take action. 

Below are some options you should consider:

  • Begin your message with a beautifully crafted statement about your company. Tech talents love knowing about who their employers are. 
  • Move on by explaining why the potential hire might be interested in that particular job. Remember, no one cares about what you want; people only want to know how your offering helps them. State what his/ her role will be and how that role is crucial to the company’s growth and development.
  • Indicate the skills required by anyone filling up that role. Any potential candidate should be able to assess if he/she is capable of filling that role.

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Here is a template you can leverage:

Message Template for Tech Professionals

“Candidate’s First name

Hi, my name is [Fname], and I work at [Put your organization’s name], as [put your role]. [Give a brief description of your organization, preferably the one on your about us page. This message should be catchy and promote a positive image for your company]. We are currently seeking a [put role] and we are confident, based on your profile, that you would be a good fit. Some of the qualities required by anyone that would be capable of filling this role are [ state required qualifications succinctly]. Most of these were found in your CV/ LinkedIn profile which is why we decided to reach out to you. Taking up this position would be hugely beneficial to you because [ state at least three ways the job would help him/her in career advancement, and if possible, financially]

Please do let us know when you would be available for a chat.

Best regards,

[Your First name]”

Highlight your Strength

Most tech talents want to work in top organizations. This is why it is easier for big companies to attract, recruit and retain the best tech talents. If your organization is not one of the biggest players, how do you go about attracting top tech talents?

Any organization, including yours, has individual strengths and has some unique benefits that you can offer to potential candidates. Your task is to communicate these benefits in a compelling manner such that any candidate will be desperate to work with your organization.

For example, let’s assume your organization is launching a new project, and any new hire would be required to work on this project. Mention it in the message you send to potential candidates, explain the type of project it is and how it can help his / her career growth. 

Make sure you elucidate on how this project would impact the growth of your organization and the world outside of the company. Tech talents love to work on projects that matter. Show this potential hire that this would be an excellent opportunity to make his/her mark on the world. 

Know What Developers Want

Finding and attracting top tech talents requires a deep understanding of what potential hires would want from a new job position. 

The success of any tech recruitment sprint depends on how well you identify the developer’s needs and how well you communicate how this new role will satisfy that need.

What Every Developer Wants:

  • A decent salary: Nobody wants to work for a pay that doesn’t compliment their value. Competent tech talents know their value, and they won’t respond if your offer does not match their self-worth.
  • Compelling solutions: Top tech talents always want to work on projects that elicit such a reaction that the mere thought of working on the project gives them the chills. They want to work on solutions that solve unique challenges and are enjoyable.
  • High-grade tools: Tech talents always want to work with great tools and the most advanced and latest hardware. If your organization can provide these, it is an advantage. Make sure you do well to mention it during the recruitment process.
  • Independence: Experienced tech talents prefer to have a particular level of freedom when working on a specific digital product. They want to be allowed to make decisions independently. If your organization allows it, it creates a unique advantage.
  • Remote working opportunities: A considerable proportion of tech talents believe that they are more efficient when working remotely. Hence, if he/she would be allowed to work remotely, make sure you mention it.
  • Networking options: Developers won’t pass on an opportunity to interact with bright minds who understand the tech field. If you have such people in-house, make sure you communicate this during the recruitment process.

Use Data

To ensure the success of your tech recruitment process, you have to ensure that you get all available information about the labour market. Use these data about the labour market condition and workforce trends to improve your tech recruitment process.

Be Specific With Job Requirements but Retain Some Details

It is a great idea to be specific about the job. Mention the criteria so that potential candidates can assess if they would be a good fit for that position. 

However, avoid being too detailed. Some business leaders include not only the technical and soft skills required for the job but also their requirements, as well. This could confuse potential candidates, and you might not be able to find a proper fit.

Learn Technical Terms

Some recruiters ignore this, and I hope you are not one of them. As a recruiter, you should ensure that you have basic knowledge of what you are talking about. 

However, don’t get too technical. You might know many tech terms, but tech talents want to communicate with a person, not a machine. Hence, it would be best if you also tried to keep your messages as “human” as possible.

Improve the Interview Process

The interview stage is probably the most critical stage of the tech recruitment process. Ensure that you improve the interview process as much as you can. 

Here are some things you can do to make your interview process friendlier and less stressful:

  • Tell the applicants about those on the interview panel;
  • Provide some flexibility with the interview’s schedule;
  • If a competent tech talent cannot attend the meeting physically, make sure a remote interview option is available;
  • Introduce potential candidates to other members of your team to create a friendly environment.

These details should help the best-fit candidate pass through this crucial stage of the tech recruitment process successfully.

Make Them Want To Come To You

One of the most challenging aspects of tech recruitment is making the talents come to you. Your job is to create an excellent employer image for your organization, and there are several ways to do so:

  • Make the job offer sound attractive. Ensure that you elucidate the strength of your organization and the advertised position. This is crucial if you are to start the tech recruitment process efficiently.
  • Trust your current employees to help you with the process. What could be more attractive to a potential hire than the positive feedback and success stories of people who work for the company? 
  • Ensure that you communicate to potential employees that they would be getting more than just wages from your organization. Tell them they will be part of a family which considers their needs and values. 

In Conclusion

Recruiting tech talents could prove difficult, but it doesn’t always have to be.  Sourcing the right tech talents is usually the most challenging part of the process, and this problem can easily be solved by leveraging a tech recruitment firm’s tech talent pool. To do this, you need to look no further than Zone Tech Park.

How Our Organization Helps To Recruit Tech Talents

At Zone Tech Park, we understand the challenges of the dynamic tech world and have designed an efficient process to help clients attract, assess and retain competent tech talents. 

Our Tech Recruitment service is aimed at helping businesses:

  • Speed up the hiring process without compromising on recruitment quality
  • Compete effectively for competent tech talents
  • Design assessment modules to evaluate the candidate’s technical skills
  • Improve performance by hiring the best fit for any given role
  • Design strategies that help retain top tech talents.
  • Improve candidate experience during the hiring process

To find out more about our Tech Recruitment service, give us a call on 08139546858 or send an email to


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